«Biejjien Vuelie – Solkvad» succeeds the CD «Aejlies Gaaltije – The Sacred Source» (2004). This was a meeting between Sámi musical tradition and European church music. The CD received brilliant critical acclaim and was awarded «Spellemannsprisen» (the Norwegian Grammy Award).

The new CD still has music rooted in the Sámi tradition. When fused with elements of Old Norse poetry, for instance the Edda poem «Solkvad» (The Song of the Sun), the result is remarkably unique!

From the tour organized by Rikskonsertene in February 2013; the song “Meavraa”.

Video from the concerts in Lørenskog Februar 4th and 5th and Oslo February 6th, 7th and 8th 2013.

ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music) hold their World Conference in St. Johns – Newfoundland. At the same time the Soundshift festival is arranged, presenting folk music from all over the world.

Ulla Pirttijärvi and Frode Fjellheim will be performing during the festival and also do some yoik workshops.

New video: Máttaráhkku

June 19, 2011

Bárut and Inga Juuso have been together preparing for this summers festivals. We used the opportunity to get some video from the stage performance. Here you can have a preview of how they appear on stage!

The CD Mahkalahke marked the start of the band named “Transjoik”. Formerly known as JazzJoik Ensemble they took a giant leap regarding how the yoik tradition was used to create new music. Mahkalahke was released by Warner Music Sweden (on the label “Atrium”), and as separate releases by Atlantic Records in USA and Warner Classics in Japan. Since Warner had to put an end to this label around 2002, the album has been unavailable for several years. Now we have worked together with Warner and re-released the album as a digital download product, available through iTunes and several other distributors.

Inga Juuso is fronting the band Bárut – a band placing the traditional Sámi music inside new soundscapes. They are inspired by blues and native music, and gives the “Nordic Sound” a new dimention.

Released in Norway April 8th 2011

Ulla is regarded as one of the finest artists from Sápmi (”Samiland”). After a flying start of her career as a member of the Finnish group Angelit, she has now established her as a solo artist.

This is perhaps her best CD ever. A beautiful combination of her yoik-inspired songs, presented in an exciting musical surrounding influenced by pop, jazz and world music.

Snorre Bjerck is a percussionist who has fascinated a large audience – both as a drummer in Transjoik – and through many of his own musical projects. On this CD you can hear his unique sound recordings from Europe, Asia and Africa mixed with his vocal and synth performances – and of course – his groove and percussive soundscapes.

Transjoik´s fifth album. Fetaturing Sher Miandad Khan, recorded in Pakistan.
Frode Fjellheim’s musical project, Transjoik, embraces an entire world of its own on the new CD, ”Bewafá,” and it would surprise me if the world didn’t embrace it, too, when it comes out next week. (Mode Steinkjer in Dagsavisen, 15 October 2005)

The acclaimed book by Frode Fjellheim is now available in North Sámi language!

Written in North Sámi language, but containing a lot of sheet music, transcriptions and examples on CD.

288 pages + CD with 99 tracks.