The Norwegian Grammy Award Winners Marja Mortensson and Daniel Herskedal are releasing their first duo album together, aptly named LÅÅJE – DAWN.

Mortensson’s and Herskedal’s music transcends borders. As such, their music moves effortlessly through the borderlands between South and Ume Saami yoik melodies, where it finds itself swinging back and forth between tradition and the musical compositions of classical string quartets. The melodies imitate standing stones, carefully rooted menhirs, who guide the listener from the gravity and melancholy of a planet finally speaking up against our treatment of her, to the playful yoik melodies associated with woodpeckers and ptarmigans.

Mojhtestasse – Cultural Heirlooms, New Album out now!

A mere year after she released her acclaimed debut album, Marja Mortensson´s second release is ready! This time around she has chosen to let her amazing voice shine even more clearly – through a minimalistic and acoustic production where her Sámi roots become more prominent.

Take note of the name! Her name is now on everyone’s lips when Sámi artists are the topic. She has performed for the King of Norway, toured in Japan, contributed to large TV-productions, collaborated with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Mari Boine, Kirsten Bråten Berg, Ronnie Le Tekrø – just to name a few.

Katarina Barruk has already established herself as an exceptional Sami artist on the Nordic music scene. She composes her own music, and although her genre is close to the pop, rock and singer/songwriter traditions, her music clearly stands out from the crowd by her usage of the Ume Sami language.

She also includes elements from the Sami yoik tradition, a factor which contributes strongly to the unique sound of the production.
Katarina has collaborated with Frode Fjellheim who has arranged and produced her music. The album is now ready: Báruos – Uncovered/Revealed.

Norwegian composer and producer Frode Fjellheim is happy to present a new album with singer Anne Vada. The music possesses that unique Nordic sound and Anne Vada’s voice makes it shine brilliantly.

You might have heard Frode’s music before – like the choral piece “Vuelie” which opens the Disney movie “Frozen”. This time around, Frode has produced an album with a fantastic Norwegian singer, where they explore a musical landscape that lies between pop, folk, world and sacred music.

«Biejjien Vuelie – Solkvad» succeeds the CD «Aejlies Gaaltije – The Sacred Source» (2004). This was a meeting between Sámi musical tradition and European church music. The CD received brilliant critical acclaim and was awarded «Spellemannsprisen» (the Norwegian Grammy Award).

The new CD still has music rooted in the Sámi tradition. When fused with elements of Old Norse poetry, for instance the Edda poem «Solkvad» (The Song of the Sun), the result is remarkably unique!

Inga Juuso is fronting the band Bárut – a band placing the traditional Sámi music inside new soundscapes. They are inspired by blues and native music, and gives the “Nordic Sound” a new dimention.

Released in Norway April 8th 2011

trumpet, flugelhorn and goathorn News: solo album: “hildring”
After graduating from the Swedish Academy of Music, Ingesund, in 1990, she was employed by Bohuslän Big Band. In 1999 she relocated to South Africa where she worked as a freelance musician for two years. She explored African rhythms and soundscapes and started the group Uhambo, and with them released two CDs.

Ulla is regarded as one of the finest artists from Sápmi (”Samiland”). After a flying start of her career as a member of the Finnish group Angelit, she has now established her as a solo artist.

This is perhaps her best CD ever. A beautiful combination of her yoik-inspired songs, presented in an exciting musical surrounding influenced by pop, jazz and world music.

Snorre Bjerck is a percussionist who has fascinated a large audience – both as a drummer in Transjoik – and through many of his own musical projects. On this CD you can hear his unique sound recordings from Europe, Asia and Africa mixed with his vocal and synth performances – and of course – his groove and percussive soundscapes.