New CD: Bárut / Inga Juuso – Bálggis

March 8, 2011

Inga Juuso is fronting the band Bárut – a band placing the traditional Sámi music inside new soundscapes. They are inspired by  blues and native music, and gives the “Nordic Sound” a new dimention.

Bárut (Sámi language for “wave”), is a trio with yoiker Inga Juuso, percusionist Martin Smidt and multi instrumentalist and vocalist Asbjørn Berson.


Read some excerpts from the fantastic reviews!

Border crossinge debut from a trio that reveals the musical power within the Sámi culture. (Aftenposten)

This CD gives you goosebumbs!(Altaposten)

…this years most innovative CD! (Adresseavisen)

This is an album I must have in my Car. (Nordlys)

Download from iTunes.

On the CD Bálggis several guest performers appear;

Yoikers/vocalists Ánte Mihkkal Gaup and Annbjørg Hætta, Audun Eriksen on didjeridu and Hildegunn Øiseth on goat horn..

Frode Fjellheim has produced the CD and contributes with sounds from his keyboards.